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Issue 1: January 2005

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Our Sanctuary Opens!


Jedina and Phebes


Thank you to Leora


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The Month in Photos!

Leora holds Elijah

Visiting Standish in his new home!

Tiny Tim close up!

Fiona in the hay

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Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary Opens!

The Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary opened with a ten duck rescue at Spaulding Pond in Mohegan Park. All nine of the Pekin ducks rescued needed a one week round of antibiotics for their swollen and callused feet. Three of them needed further veterinary assistance. Liv has a disturbing limp and will be receiving complimentary x-rays in January in an attempt to determine the source of her discomfort. Phoebe, one of the hens, had a dual eye infection that required an extra two weeks of antibiotics as well as a continuing twice daily treatment of antibiotic eye ointment in both eyes. One of her eyes is nearly healed, but the second eye still requires further care. Phoebe’s life mate, Tiny Tim, was in the most need of care upon his humane capture.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim had an extremely swollen right ankle that rescuers feared was broken. He took residence for two weeks in a foster home until we could arrange for free vet care. When other vets turned away our call for assistance, Dr. Melgey of All Friends Animal Hospital in Norwich CT donated his services to all of the rescued ducks free of charge. Tiny Tim came for his complimentary care and it was determined that his ankle was not broken, but badly infected. His surgery was a success and in the weeks that followed, he no longer utilized his leg for walking, but reverted back to using his webbed foot again.

Surgery and seven weeks of antibiotic treatment have transformed Tiny Tim from a meek little fellow that had trouble getting around and fending for himself, into a self-sufficient, healthy duck that is quite capable of taking care of himself and his mate, Phoebe.


Dodger, a drake, was brought into our sanctuary in excellent health. After a 48 hour quarantine period, we had a good home lined up for Dodger, but we had no hens to accompany him on his journey. Knowing that it would be stressful for him to go to a new home alone, we reached out to our neighbors at the SPCA for some assistance. With their cooperation, we were able to place two of their Blue Swedish hens with our Dodger into a beautiful new home.

The Muscovies: Jedina and Phebes

Since opening the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary, two Muscovy ducks have come into our care. Jedina was found in an industrial park in Middletown CT and Phebes was dropped off near an office. Vets suspect that Phebes lost the tip of her upper bill from frost bite last winter. She is a living demonstration of what happens when people do not provide proper shelter from the elements for their ducks.

Our Foster Caregiver, Leora, fell in love with the friendly girl, Jedina, and decided to adopt her.

We located a fantastic home for Phebes, and she is now residing with a one-legged fellow named Joey. There will be no more cold nights for Phebes; going forward her winter evenings will be spent in a heated barn with an indoor heated pool. She has truly arrived!

Through Rain, Sleet, and Snow . . .

We owe a heartfelt thanks to Leora Schips. When we began, she was our only rescue volunteer, and she drove all the way down from New Hampshire in a snow storm on the first scheduled rescue date. The three hour drive beginning at 6 a.m. would have been enough to make most people crave a nap, but not Leora. Her energy, ideas and eager willingness was a real inspiration to the team.

Leora provided care for many of the ducks we rescued. Once in her care she worked with them to get them accustomed to human interaction again. It was amazing to see the difference in the ducks. The once terrified ducks that ran and hid from us had transformed while in her care. They became lovable and began eating out of our hands. She did an outstanding job with them.

Leora fell in love with four of our rescues and signed the adoption papers to keep Tiny Tim, Phoebe, Jedina, and Miranda.

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