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Issue 196 April

In This Issue:

  Final Photo Contest
  Ribbon Sponsors
  Ultimate Pet Duck/Goose Guidebooks
  Majestic Farewell...
  Outside Farewells...
  MWS Newcomer!
  MWS Direct Placements!
  Majestic Adoptions!
  Majestic T-Shirts
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Majestic Farewell...

Shorty... You have been here with us for so long, never asking for anything, always happy to swim and cuddle with your ladies... We hope you enjoyed your retirement here, gorgeous old man... Paradise with your beloved Demi is now yours forever... (along with Sweety Sunny & Lolly too!)

Outside Farewells...

Jade... beautiful girl... rejoined with Pearl Pumpkin...

Fong Abong... at rest and in peace with Matthew and Daryl

Baby Moe... So much more than "just a duckling" ... The world needs to remember you... and we will. We will.

Majestic Direct Placements!

Jerome, Inky, Yack... And one beautiful soul to heaven... Rest in peace knowing your friends are safe and loved in their new home...

Majestic Newcomer!


When her flockmates were over-mating her, an employee at TSC told her family to purchase Blue-Kote and spray it on her feathers. They were told it tastes bitter and would deter the other ducks from grabbing ahold of her feathers. This is NOT TRUE and it does NOT work at all!

If you have questions about your duck's behavior, health or diet, please take them to a qualified veterinarian--not a random store employee who likely has no clue what they are talking about and who is just trying to sell more of their products.

Blue-Kote is a topical antifungal treatment for horses with ringworm--it does NOT belong on your duck and it will NOT deter overmating. What it can do, is stop your duck from preening their own feathers because they taste so bad. The label on this product also warns against internal use/ingestion, which is exactly what happens when ducks preen this product off of their skin and feathers.

Sheena and her siblings were all raised on TSC Dumor feed. This is a low-quality feed not intended for ultimate health and longevity, which means it's not ideal for pets--and if you knew what many TSC stores do with their injured, disabled & leftover ducklings, you'd know they have no interest at all in the health of your pet. Ask Baby Moe...

Sheena's family lost one of their six ducklings to niacin deficiancy and Sheena has one leg that turns inward also due to malnutrition. Although a year old, Sheena is muscularly underdeveloped. Her instability and movement resembles that of a duckling, but we are working at building up her muscles and getting her STRONG and available for adoption!

Majestic Adoptions!

Happy Adoption, Uni! We know you and little Mo will be so happy together! She's just the right size!

On Day 17 of 30 Days of Boomer this little man went to his new home! He's not lonely anymore--he has TWO girlfriends now!

Majestic T-Shirts

Our new Waterfowl Memorial T-shirts and our classic Muckin' Fun for Everyone t-shirts are now being sold, printed and shipped by LOEA This change means a much bigger chunk of the proceeds are now received by our sanctuary. Thank you so much for all of your help and services, Jenn!

Majestic Gift Shop

Visit our Majestic Gift Shop for some fun Majestic items! Proceeds from the shop benefit our sanctuary!

Lullaby Friends Mug:

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Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary
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Our Newsletter

The Majestic Monthly is published 12 times per year. Previous issues are available in our Archives.

Majestic's FINAL Blue Ribbon Photo Contest is Coming Soon:  May 1 - 31

Did we just say FINAL?! Unfortunately, yes.  Acquiring our custom made grandiose ribbons from Europe, organizing hundreds of photos into slideshows (which is more technically involved than you might assume), assembling a judging panel, creating special edition newsletters announcing our winners and shipping out nearly a dozen prize ribbons is a very involved and highly detailed task that requires hours, upon hours, upon HOURS of work for Kim. Because participant interest has been slowly waning off instead of building over the years, we are sorry to say this will be our last photo contest fundraising event and your last chance to nab one of our highly-treasured, Majestic prize ribbons.

Our three categories this year are:

1. Most Photogenic!
(domestic ducks & geese ONLY)
Enter a great photo of your pet duck or goose!

2. Most Special Effect!
(domestic ducks & geese ONLY)
Enter an interesting photo of your pet duck or goose utilizing any kind of iphone special effect or filter--but remember, in order to win, your pet should be the CENTER OF ATTENTION! Don't distract from them, highlight them!

3. Most Poker Faced!
(ALL pet ducks & geese, domestic Mallards, exotics & ornamentals!)
This category is for any and ALL pet ducks and geese, including domesticated Mallards, ornamentals and exotics! Capture a glimpse of your pet duck or goose in that moment when they look like they are holding an intriguing hand!

Daffy was one of our 2020 Blue Ribbon winners!

Submission Guidelines:

Please read our submission guidelines before entering. It will just take you a moment and, if you follow them, you will save Kim a ton of time by doing it right the first time.

1) All Photo entries MUST be sent to us electronically by Email.

2) ATTACH your photo submissions to your email using the paperclip icon. Do NOT Embed your photos into your email, or we will not be able to transfer them over to our large screen slideshow for our judges review. 

3) Email EACH PHOTO entry SEPARATELY, ONLY 1 PHOTO PER EMAIL! This is extremely important! Failure to do so can result in some of your photos not making it into the slideshow.

4) Specify the CATEGORY in which you want your photo entered in your email's SUBJECT LINE. Not all categories run every year, so be sure you choose one that's running this year. Any entries received without this specification, or with an invalid category listed, will be entered entirely at Kim's discretion.

5) Be sure to include your: Full Name, Complete Shipping Address, and Phone Number with Area Code in the body of your email--Along with the names of all pets featured in the photo.

6) IF THEY LOOK LIKE A MALLARD, YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN! If you're entering a photo of a Rouen, Welsh Harlequin, Saxony, Silver Appleyard, Grey Call, Grey Indian Runner, or Mallard duck you MUST specify their breed in your submission email. When it comes to the coloration of these particular breeds, it's not always easy for our judges to distinguish domestics from their wild cousins. If your duck has confusing plumage and you don't provide this information with your entry, Kim will automatically enter your duck in the "Most Poker Faced" category (which is open to pet Mallards).

7) Entry donations must be sent in USD (USA dollars). You can send your total entry donation in a LUMP SUM using Paypal with a helpful comment like:  "For 6 photo entries submitted by Carter Barsoom."

CONFIRMATION EMAIL:  We will send you a confirmation email once you have been officially entered in the competition. If you don't receive this email within 24 hours of emailing your photos and entry donation to us, please contact us immediately: Email

Miss Hope was our 2020 Honorable Mention winner!


Don't have a duck or goose, but still want to get in on the fun? Ribbon Sponsors can have their name or their business's name (and hyperlink) associated with a prize ribbon.

There are Eleven Ribbon Sponsorships available each year. Your Ribbon Sponsorship will cover the cost of the prize ribbon, shipping it to the Winner as well as a donation to our Majestic rescues (of course!).

This page will be continually updated as Ribbons are Sponsored!


2021 Sponsor-A-Ribbon

Most Photogenic Ribbon Sponsors:

1) Blue 1st Place Ribbon:  $30.00 (TAKEN)
2) Red 2nd Place Ribbon:  $25.00 (TAKEN)
3) White 3rd Place Ribbon:  $20.00 (available)

Most Special Effect Ribbon Sponsors:

1) Blue 1st Place Ribbon:   $30.00 (TAKEN)
2) Red 2nd Place Ribbon:  $25.00 (TAKEN)
3) White 3rd Place Ribbon:  $20.00 (available)

Most Poker Faced Ribbon Sponsors:

1) Blue 1st  Place Ribbon:  $30.00 (TAKEN)
2) Red 2nd Place Ribbon:  $25.00 (TAKEN)
3) White 3rd Place Ribbon:  $20.00 (TAKEN)

Honorable Mention Ribbon Sponsor:

1) Black, Orange & White HM Ribbon:  $30.00 (TAKEN)

President's Pick Ribbon Sponsor:

1) Black & Silver PP Ribbon:  $30.00 (TAKEN)

Every Momma Duck & Poppa Goose Should Have One (or both!)

For more thorough information on pet ducks and geese, check out The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook and The Ultimate Pet Goose Guidebook, which are both available in b&w and color versions on AmazonSmile. Each is over 400 pages and contains hundreds of helpful (and fun!) photos and diagrams.


The Ultimate Pet Goose Guidebook (b&w):  $24.99

The Ultimate Pet Goose Guidebook (color):  $64.99

The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook (b&w):  $26.99

The Ultimate Pet Duck Guidebook (color):  $64.99




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