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Issue 97 January 2013

In This Issue:

  Mini Tins!
  Gone, but not forgotten...
  Majestic Guests!
  More Mini Tins

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Gone, but not forgotten...

Gertrude... A friend to Matilda you were... Off with Dou Dou now...

Majestic Guests!

Gloria & Lulu from Mystic Village are staying with us for the winter!

More Mini Tins:     

We also have micro mini tins that will be available soon! These 2 " x 1 " tins hang from a chain and contain music boxes or waterfowl dioramas featuring some of the tiniest ducks, geese and swans you've ever seen!

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Majestic Mini Tins!

In an effort to raise some funds for our sanctuary to make way for the rebuild of some of our older pens, Kim (our President) is giving away handmade animal Mini Tins to thank you for your donations!

Each Mini Tin measures 3 " x 2 " and we will ship them for FREE anywhere in the continental U.S.*

Caution: While these darling tins fit into just about any purse, many of the small pieces inside have even tinier magnets to hold them in place, which means these tins are NOT intended for young children.

Please note: These are handmade items. Colors/styles will absolutely vary from photos and from tin to tin! No two are alike!

Ordering/Donating: If you see a Mini Tin you like please Email Us  to confirm availability. If donating by check, please make it out to: Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary. If donating by Paypal please type the name of the Mini Tin you'd like in the Comments field.

*If you are in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, please  email us for totals (shipping costs will vary).

We are making these up one-by-one, so if the one you want is marked "Out of Stock" please email us and we'll be sure to make up another one for you!

Sanctuary Duck Mini Tins



STYLE 1:  Be the first duck to collect three eggs and hatch them out! The top half of this mini tin is a board game, while the bottom half features a little backyard for your ducks to explore!

Tin includes:  two ducks, six eggs, a house, a fence, a mini instruction book and one itsy-bitsy dice.

STYLE 2:  Be the first duck to collect three water lily flowers! The top half of this mini tin is a board game, while the bottom half features a little backyard for your ducks to explore!

Tin includes:  two ducks, six flowers, a house with a deck, a fence, a mini instruction book and two itsy-bitsy dice.

Frog Bed! (1 available)


Tuck this little frog into bed with this adorable mini tin!

Tin includes:  one frog with small magnets inside each of his four feet,  a small pillow and a tiny blanket.


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