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Sexing (White & Grey) Chinese Geese at a Glance

You will often read that the knobs on top of a Chinese's bill are significantly larger in males than females. This is helpful if you see a very large knob, but a mediocre or small knob does not necessarily mean you are looking at a hen; other factors will need to be considered.

Full grown males usually weigh between 10-12 lbs.

Full grown females usually weigh between 8-10 lbs.

Males have higher-pitched voices than females. Males tend to be quite vocal and louder than females.

Meanwhile, females are not nearly as musical as males and have a lower-pitched and monotone voice. They make a sound that is often referred to as an "oink." If you pinch your nose and say "Oink" in a low voice, you'll get the idea.

China Girl foreground (goose) and Chan background (gander)

Chan/left (gander) and China Girl/right (goose)

Mac (gander)

Male and Female vocalization tracks will be forthcoming!

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