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Sexing Toulouse Geese at a Glance
Good luck identifying a Toulouse goose's gender because males and females tend to look and act alike! Most people will wait for an egg to find out for sure.
However, if you have a male and a female in front of you to make side-by-side comparisons, you can discover differences in their voices that will enable you to tell males and females apart going forward.
The voices of females are slightly higher in pitch and they will occasionally make a, "kaw-kaw-kaw," sound that males don't.
Males tend to stand a little taller, are a bit bigger and strike a more regal posture, very proud and tall.
Wives' Tale: A black dot appears on the tip of the bill of some Toulouse geese. We have been told that this is a sex-linked trait that enables wild baby birds to aim at their mother's bill at feeding time. The reliability of this myth remains unconfirmed at this time.
Bunky (left) is a gander while Pretty Girl (right) is a goose.
Rio (left) and Moon (right)
Rio has blue eyes and Moon has brown eyes
Rio has two folds between the legs & Moon has a single pronounced keel
Even so... Both were males

Further information will be forthcoming... Including vocalizations!


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