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September 24, 2009

I just added Luck Feathers to our sponsorship page! I will also feature them in our November newsletter in the hopes of generating some holiday interest--a great little stocking stuffer.

People can pay an extra $5.00 for their sponsorship and receive one luck bottle or they can get a luck bottle with every $12.00 donated (while supplies last).

How cute is this:

Poem inside reads:

Alone in this world, to swim on a pond
This duck was left without friend
The family he lost, the home he once knew
All of it came to an end

And pondering there upon the shore
He tips his eye up to the sky
When before the sun, he sees someone
A silhouette from way up high

A smile fulfills him
It circles his bill and—
A pair of warm hands wrap around
He sighs with relief
And sets free his grief
Because he knows he’s finally been found!

Oh, what can one say when one is a duck
Surviving in such fowl weather?

“From small things come miracles,
we just have to wait--
Oh, thank my lucky feathers!”



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