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Majestic Diary

September 20, 2008

It has been very busy at the sanctuary. We had Princess and Dutch join us, two Muscovy ducks (they came separately within a day of each other). They are both very sweet and shy. Dutch is in LOVE with Princess, but this love frightens here, so we finally got around to putting up the dividing door in the quarantine pen. The two are now getting to know each other through the fence. Dutch is so protective of her. When I go in to clean the pen twice a day, he makes his boy noises the whole time. He is too sweet to do anything more though.

Neo has also come to our sanctuary. Poor little guy had a huge crop when he showed up, so I began grinding his Mazuri food in the Cuisinart. I feed him a cup every hour to hour and a half. The powdered food moves through his crop into his gizzard much smoother and he is doing much better. When he came so much food was in his crop that he was blocked up and actually starving. He is off balance, so we had an x-ray done the day after he came to be sure we weren't dealing with hardware disease. Fortunately the x-ray came up negative for metal. Our vet is on vacation, but Neo goes to see him on Monday for a thorough exam to figure out why his crop isn't working right. Also, the poor guy has NO QUACK.  His bill moves and you can hear him trying to quack, but no noise comes out. It is the saddest thing... a duck with no quack... Poor baby.

I ordered a special $80 automatic feeder for him last week. I found it on and it actually said "good for ducks" on the website, which I thought was fantastic and had to comment on when we placed the order. PetFrenzy emailed me that they were going to donate the more efficient $170 automatic feeder for Neo. Isn't that amazing?! It came via UPS yesterday and Tony is working on the installation of it now. It will release a measured amount of food up to 8 times per programming. Yahoo!

Today a couple visitors came. One is a rescuer and she has been trying to find a place to bring a Pekin in her area with leg issues and an eye infection. I told her to bring him here. So he is expected to arrive next Saturday.

Newcomer scheduled to arrive next week

Rosella's new family is coming to adopt her tomorrow. So many wonderful people coming to visit!

Rosella enjoying the pond

Mac the goose is letting us pet him now, proof that hormones are on the fall for Fall. Winston and Mr. Pearl are getting along and finally sharing a pen again and my boys Jeffrey and Matthew are together as well.

We have stopped sanctuary building projects in order to build our dog Foxy her new pen behind our house. That should be done tomorrow, which means we can go back to working on Louisville. We have to build the bridge from Abby's Goose Run to Louisville and then run electricity out to the pen. Then we need to add to the Aquaduct, so Louisville will have running water. We plan to get this all done this Fall, so Louisville will be ready for Winter rescues.

We are now in our busiest rescue season. From now until December, we will be getting lots of emails. We have someone trying to catch a duck and someone else trying to catch a goose. They are next to come in on our waiting list.


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