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Adoption FAQ

Duck & Goose Sitting Service

Kimberly Link is now offering seasonal duck & goose-sitting services to our Majestic Adopters, Volunteers & Financial Supporters!

Guests will stay in a 10' x 12' predator proof, outdoor pen with protective foot mats and a kiddie pool. The pen is hosed down at least twice daily and the pool is changed at least once daily.

Hay is refreshed at least once daily, and unless you would like to bring your own special food, Mazuri waterfowl food (Breeder and/or Maintenance formulas) will be served and available for your pet 24/7. We can also provide calcium chips for laying hens.

Families can arrange for the serving of special treats for their pets!

And of course, special visits and companionship are a part of your pet's enrichment!

Majestic Adopters

Kim's number one objective is to service Majestic's adopting families! If you have adopted birds from Majestic, you will enjoy non-deposit sitting services along with special prices!

Ducks/Geese adopted from Majestic will enjoy sitting services priced at $5.00 a day per bird. These prices include partial days.

Friends can come along too! If your adopted duck or goose has a non-Majestic companion who needs simultaneous sitting services, they will also receive a $5.00 a discounted daily rate for the duration of their stay as well. There is a ONE FRIEND discount limit, per family, per sitting service. Any additional companions not adopted from Majestic will will enjoy services priced at $10.00 per day including partial days.

Payment for pet-sitting services must be made up front with any unexpected balances paid immediately upon the pick up of your pet. Our adopters may pay by cash or by personal check.

Volunteers & Financial Supporters

Occasionally, Kim will duck or goose-sit for people who have not adopted their waterfowl from Majestic, but she always limits these services to Majestic volunteers and financial supporters who she has known for some time and with whom she has an established repore. Even so, you may be asked to make a deposit (refundable upon pet pick-up) to avoid animal abandonment.

Ducks/geese who were not adopted from Majestic will enjoy sitting services priced at $10.00 a day per bird (special needs waterfowl may be more, depending on their special care requirements). These prices include partial days.

Payment for pet-sitting services must be made up front with any unexpected balances paid immediately upon the pick up of your pet. All payments must be made by cash or by check.

Seasonal Availability

Sitting services are ONLY available in spring, summer & fall and only when freezing temperatures and snowfall have come to an end.

There is simply no way to keep your pet's pen and pools clean without a functioning hose system, which is not available in freezing weather.


Pet-sitting services for your pet duck or goose need to be arranged as far in advance as possible. Please Contact Kim at least 8 WEEKS prior to the start date of expected services.

Pet-sitting services are offered for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days.

Required Fecal Exam

All ducks and geese scheduled for sitting services must arrive with LAB paperwork from their vet indicating a negative fecal exam for parasites including Coccidia.

If your pet's lab work does not specifically state that the negative test includes a check for Coccidia then we will need your vet to add and sign off on this information. Fecal tests must be performed within 10 days of pet-sitting services.

Liability Waiver

All clients will be required to sign a pet-sitting contract that includes a Liability Waiver in which they agree to hold Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary and the Link family legally and financially harmless for any incidents that might occur. This waiver is in place to protect Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary and the Link property on which it and its rescued animals are able to exist.

Optional Veterinary Deposit

Families can provide an optional Vet Deposit in case of an emergency.

If you have a Special Needs duck or goose a vet deposit will be REQUIRED. Minimums will depend on the severity of your pet's condition combined with Kim's personal assessment as to the likelihood of vet care being needed while you're away.

Vet deposits can be made in Cash or you can sign a form authorizing the vet office to charge your Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Care Credit). This form allows you to choose your own maximum charge limits.

Any unused portion of Cash vet deposits will be refunded in full (less any pet-sitting balances owed).

To date this service has never been needed, but many families feel better knowing vet treatment is an option for their pet while they are away.

During normal hours pets who require vet care will be brought to:

Pets who require emergency, after-hour vet care will most likely be brought to:

Norwichtown Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Geoffrey Satterfield

177 Ortobando Avenue

Norwich CT  06360



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