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Issue 9: September 2005

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Adoption Weekend


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Pet Rock Festival 2005


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Preparing for Honkers the Goose


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Get to know your predators: Snapping Turtles


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Raising Geese


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Get to Know Your Predators: Snapping Turtle

The common snapping turtle can grow anywhere between 10 and 35 pounds. Snapping turtles will eat ducklings and have been known to do a great deal of damage to the feet and legs of swimming adult ducks.

Do not let your ducks swim on your pond if you have a snapping turtle in it. The tricky part is, you may not know if a snapping turtle is living there. Snapping turtles have been known to travel long distances, so a newcomer could join your pond’s ecosystem at any time without your knowledge. The best thing you can do is keep your eye on your rocks, logs and shores, so that you will detect an unwanted guest early on and can take care of removing it (hopefully with some help).

The Month in Photos!

Recommended Reading*

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Domestic Geese
By Chris Ashton

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Book Description

This text explains how to look after domestic geese, from setting up with the first birds to breeding, rearing and showing.

Topics include:

Breeds, their origins and characteristics
Management of adult stock
The breeding season
Rearing the goslings
Ailments and diseases

There are many reasons for keeping geese…whatever the reason for choosing these fascinating birds, Chris Ashton explains how to look after them, from setting up with the first birds to breeding, rearing and showing.

Illustrated throughout with photographs of the different breeds and showing various aspects of management, Domestic Geese will be an invaluable handbook for all keepers and breeders.

Reader Poll #9

Question: What brand of feed do you give your waterfowl?

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How do you supply bathing water for your waterfowl?

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Adoption Weekend

Hewey, Dewey and Lewey, a trio of Pekins, arrived at our sanctuary on Saturday. The trio was in danger of being dropped off on a waterway by their owner. A local vet and a local volunteer became involved and the ducks were hand delivered to our doorstep. They trio of ducks seemed undaunted by their journey and were rewarded for their bravado with the first swim in the spring water that has partially filled the new sanctuary pond.

The drake and two hens proved to be very healthy, happy, friendly and, of course, cute! They were placed into their new and loving home together the following afternoon. The pre-approved family had been waiting months for a trio of ducks and were quick to drive over and welcome these three into their hearts and homes. Thank you Michelle and Margie for stepping in and saving these animals from a disastrous fate and offering them a promising future.

Our adoption weekend also included two incoming Blue Swede/Pekin crosses, a gray and white hen named Lucky and a black and white drake named Maltese. The pair came to us on Saturday morning.

Jake The Drake and his new family have been waiting weeks for a hen to come into our sanctuary, so that Jake could have a companion to travel with him to his new home. Lucky and Jake became fast friends and both traveled to their new home on Sunday. We wish them and their family safety and happiness!

Maltese was adopted out within hours of his arrival at Majestic. His new owners brought in their Pekin drake Rupert on prior occasion to have his gender confirmed only to have us discover he was a she! The family decided they wanted a drake for Rupert the hen, and a week later we had Maltese ready to go. Rupert came to the sanctuary to meet Maltese and we dare say it was love at first sight!

Congratulations to all of our new families and best wishes to all of the ducks as they travel on to their new and loving homes!

Donation Gifts!

Sorry, This Offer Has Expired!

In an effort to raise funds to purchase fencing supplies and an aviary net to complete the sanctuary, we are offering special thank you gifts for donation levels of $25, $35, $50, $75 and $100. These gifts were made available on donation and were not purchased using Majestic funds. Please visit our web site to make donations and view the gift options available.

$25 Donation Level: All of the following: (See photo below)

bullet Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary Retractable Ballpoint Pen
bullet 36 Thimon Thez® Stickers
bullet 1 Thimon Thez® Stickety Doodles™ Magnetic Note Pad

$35 Donation Level: One of the following: (See photo below)

bullet Thimon Thez® "Thit Happens" Mouse Pad
bullet Thimon Thez® Magnets (package of 5)

$50 Donation Level: One of the following: (See photo below)

bullet Plush Majestic Ducks (6 per box in assorted colors)
bullet Enslaved By Ducks by Bob Tarte (Hardcover)

$75 Donation Level: (See photo below)

bullet Loving Pekin Pair Figurine

$100 Donation Level: (See photo below)

bullet Embden in the Rain Apron

Pet Rock Festival: September 11, 2005

Majestic will be at Pet Rock at Quinsigamond College in Worcester MA on Sunday, September 11th, Noon – 5 p.m. with a rain date of Sunday September 18th.

Pet Rock Fest is not only a huge animal event, but a year-round endeavor to educate, promote and communicate with people the importance of treating animals with kindness. For additional information and to register, please visit the Pet Rock Web Site.

We will be attending Pet Rock to educate folks about duck ownership, visit, answer questions and have some fun! We will be selling a few items to raise money for the sanctuary, and we will be accepting donations.

Young Matthew, our very own Pekin drake, will be with us to greet guests (he is quite the flirt with the ladies!) and Elijah will be in the adoptable pet parade, so you can see how BIG this sweet boy truly is! This is our first ever attendance at Pet Rock and the first time that ducks have been present, so please come and visit us to show your support. Plus, you can bring your dog with you -- just not too close to the ducks!

Preston, Connecticut Foster Care Site

We have a number of gorgeous ducks about to be added to our adoptable page. They are all residing at a Preston, Connecticut foster home.

Soon to Be Available:

bullet 2 (male/female) pairs of Khaki Campbells
bullet 2 black and white blue swede/pekin cross drakes
bullet 1 (male/female) pekin pair

Their photos and descriptions will be viewable on our adoption page very soon, so please keep watch!



Preparing for Honkers the Goose

We are working hard and saving up money to begin phase II, raising the fence, of our new sanctuary. We have geese waiting to come into sanctuary and once the perimeter fencing is up, we will be able to bring them in, since they will be safe without an aviary net (they will be locked up in houses at night). The top of the perimeter fencing will be protected with razor wire, so that animals will not be able to climb over the fence.

If you or anyone you know is a chain link fencing supplier/installer in Connecticut who can add these items to their stock orders without charging us freight, we could save between $50-$100. Please contact us at if you can be of any assistance in this regard. Any discounts would also be extremely valuable in helping our funds go further.

Maryland Swans in Need of Assistance

President of Save Maryland Swans, Patrick Hornberger, has contacted us because hundreds of Mute Swans are about to be killed on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The group is trying to save as many of the swans as they can with the assistance of concerned waterfront residents. According to Patrick, the swans are no longer protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and can now be captured and relocated. If anyone can be of assistance in this endeavor please contact Patrick directly at:

Tax Exempt Filing Update

We have filed for tax exemption and have received our acknowledgement from the IRS that it is being reviewed for processing. Tax exemption can take up to six months for approval, but once approved it will go retroactively to 5/19/05, the date of our incorporation.


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