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Issue 90  June 2012

In This Issue:

  LAST CALL! Photo Contest!
  St. Francis Duck Statue
  Books for Rescues!
  Kitty Cornered
  A Grassy Little Trick!
  The Month in Photos!
  Majestic Adoptions!
  Majestic Newcomers!
  Majestic Sponsorships

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A Grassy Little Trick!

We came up with a brilliant trick this year to grow grass in our Courtyard pen. Normally the girls pluck out all of the seedlings, but not this year!

We built a simple wooden frame (you can size it to suit your own needs) and then blanketed it with PVC galvanized welded wire mesh. Then we seeded the soil and laid the jig down over top.

The grass grows up through the jig allowing the ducks to nibble off the tops, but prevents them from disturbing the root systems. Once grass is well-established, the jig can be moved to a new area of the pen.

The Month in Photos!

A private conversation...

Sweet little Dilly!

Hazel enjoys a good slurp!

Majestic Adoptions!

Back with his original family after all these years... A fairytale ending for Lancelot and Guinevere...

Oh, my dear widdew Piddies... Salem, Deino, Enyo and Phreda... A home for you all has finally come along!

Majestic Newcomers!

Welcome little WeeBit!

And welcome Cleo & Ro-Ro!

Majestic Sponsorships!

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Our Newsletter

The Majestic Monthly is published 12 times per year. Previous issues are available in our Archives.

Blue Ribbon Photo Contest--LAST CALL!!!

Our 2011 Most Mallard Winner "Wings" admires her Award!

Our Blue Ribbon Photo Contest is well underway! Even so, we haven't had many entries this year and unfortunately had to close down the "Most Comical" category.

This event normally helps us raise the funds for 2-3 months worth of grain, so it's a great cause! PLUS we love seeing all those gorgeous photos of your ducks and geese!

Photos for this year's competition will be accepted  through June 15, 2012 12:00 midnight EST and we hope you will enter! Both photographs and full entry donations must be received by then in order to officially compete. 

This year in addition to blue ribbons, two trophies will also be awarded for the Most Photogenic and the Most Mallard photographs!

Click here for complete Rules & Submission Guidelines!

Click here to view our Prior Winners!

St. Francis Duck Statue

What an amazing surprise! Our collective breaths have been taken away...

While most of our beloved rescues find their way into new and loving homes, a handful of them never leave us. For years we have been hanging onto the ashes of our lost rescues, waiting for the day when we could break ground on a little place to lay them to rest. 

Last year we began our search for an outdoor statue of St. Francis of Assisi (the patron saint of animals) that featured a duck or goose, but came up empty-handed.

Only a couple of close friends were aware of our search and our need for a small sanctuary within our sanctuary and one of those people was Kat (Haley's mom).

I just can't express how touched I was to walk out into our front yard and find a beautiful statue of St. Francis surrounded by a little flock of ducks and geese! I was completely overwhelmed and still look upon it with tears of joy.

To really bring out the white statue's beauty, I've been painting it and will share final photos when it's completed. It will eventually find itself peacefully situated in a small, circular clearing in the woods, surrounded by flowering trees and customized ducky stepping stones.

We can't thank all of you enough for helping to provide us with a place to go for some quiet time of remembrance.

Thank you to everyone who donated to this cause or who brought tag sale items to help raise funds:

Lydia (Benji's mom!), Donna K., Jennie & Laura, Pam, Deb, Janice, Donna W., Charlotte, Darlene, Carol, Liz, Ayreka Flock Birdsall, Sarah, Karen, Tim, John & Julie, Paula & Joe, Reit, Jenn and Mary!

If I've missed anyone, please let me know!

And thank you especially to Kat for sneaking around and organizing this whole thing without me figuring it out. You are such a wonderful friend and I'm so glad to have met you through Haley!

Books for Rescues!

Here's another way to help our rescues! Proceeds from these book sales result in sanctuary funds! Click on the book covers to order titles via Createspace:

The Ultimate Pet Duck
           The Ultimate Pet Goose
Guidebook                                        Guidebook
by Kimberly Link                               by Kimberly Link & Jennifer Garey
$32.99 (discount code: 26B4G6YW)    $32.99 (discount code: TTJP6LTE) 

Interrupting Duck                      My Name is Destiny
by Kimberly Link                               by Kimberly Link
$10.99                                                    $14.99

My Ducky Diary                  Benny
(color version)                                    A True Story of Faith...
by Kimberly Link                               by Kimberly Lynn Hobbes
$16.99                                                    $6.99

The Haunting of Raenyu      One Without Progeny

Part I                                                       Part II
by Kimberly Link                                by Kimberly Link
$9.99                                                       $9.99

Pool of Frogs                         Eyn'jel

Part III                                                     Prequel 
by Kimberly Link                                 by Kimberly Link 
$9.99                                                        Coming soon!

OR... you can also purchase any of the above titles via Amazon.com; however, they do take a higher percentage of every sale.

And thank you to Laura Backman, wonderful friend of ducks,  for donating part of the proceeds from your darling book based on your little duck Lemon! 

Lemon the Duck

by Laura Backman

Bob Tarte's New Book!

Most of us know Bob Tarte through his books "Enslaved by Ducks" and "Fowl Weather," but now he's released his newest book "Kitty Cornered." Bob has been a long-term supporter of our sanctuary and we're so happy to see this latest installment regarding his life with his dearly loved (albeit trouble-making) animals! Congrats, Bob!Kitty Cornered CoverEBD CoverFowl Weather Cover
(Click on book covers to order)

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