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Issue 96 December 2012

In This Issue:

  Holiday Sponsorship Gifts!
  Majestic Rebuild 2.0
  Happy Quacky Recovery!
  The Month in Photos!

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Happy Quacky Recovery!

Hurray for Quackers!

The Month in Photos!

Billy-Cha says, "YUM!" 

Rilo and Billy show off their colors!

Are you going in, Alice?

Jodie-Dee scratching that itch!

Jam-Jam nibbles at the snow...

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Majestic Rebuild 2.0

When we built our original pens in 2004-2005 we were operating on a very low budget that restricted the quality of our building materials. As a result, these pens are beginning to show their age.

It is vital that our pens do not deteriorate or we will no longer have a safe haven to welcome in abandoned ducks and geese. To address this issue we have officially begun our Majestic Rebuild 2.0!

Majestic Rebuild 2.0 will cover the rebuild of The Courtyard (which encompasses 4 interior pens), Abby's Goose Run, The Gate House and The Gardens (which encompasses 3 interior pens).

We are currently near the end of rebuilding the first of the interior Courtyard pens, which is also being modified to accommodate the occasional domestic mallard or flying Muscovy duck who comes into our care. The wire mesh in the the interior of this pen will reach all the way up to the ceiling in order to keep flying ducks inside their own pen area.

Majestic Rebuild 2.0

Rebuilding our pens is tricky business. We literally have to tear down one small section of pen and then rebuild that same section of pen before stopping for the day. Whatever we start, we have to finish--rain or shine, sleet or snow.

The good news is, the first pen rebuild is coming along beautifully and it's being built to last forever, the bad news is... there are only two of us doing all this work. At this rate, we anticipate this first pen rebuild to continue every weekend throughout December.

Want to help? If you're good at swinging a hammer and precisely pounding fencing nails into 4" x 4" pressure treated posts, please Email Us to lend a helping hand. We could really use it.

Once this first interior pen rebuild is complete, we will stop for the winter and continue to raise funds to put towards the second interior pen rebuild, which is scheduled for next spring.

If you can't come out and volunteer, please consider Donating towards Majestic Rebuild 2.0. If we are going to continue to do what we do for abandoned waterfowl, we have to have the pens to enable us do it and ours simply aren't going to last much longer without your help.

Thank you & enjoy a safe and Happy Holiday Season!



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