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DVDs Featuring Ducks and Geese

The following is a list of DVDs that feature ducks and geese in lead, supporting, or cameo roles.

All DVDs featured here are available for purchase online through More than 29 million people in more than 160 countries shop at, making them the leading shopping site on the internet. We are confident they will handle your order professionally, efficiently, safely, and promptly.

For your convenience, all our DVDs are linked directly to the web site so all you have to do to order a DVD is click on the cover or title and will handle the rest.

Note: If you order from by way of the links below, Majestic receives a portion of the proceeds!

Winged Migration

Fly Away Home

The Pacifier

Million Dollar Duck

Baby Prodigy

Babe, Pig in the City

Garfield: A Tale of

Two Kitties

Sitting Ducks: Season 1


The One With All 10 Seasons

Dick the Duck was Joey and Chandler's pet Pekin duck in the popular television sitcom "Friends." Click on the link below for a list of all the episodes he is in and a brief plot synopsis of each.


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