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Adoption FAQ

Driving Information

In the best interests of our waterfowl, we ask that all adopters residing within 6 hours (one way) of our sanctuary put in the effort to make that drive to adopt their new family members.

Splitting the Drive

If an adopting family cannot manage the full trip to our sanctuary on their own, we will occasionally meet them part way, but usually not more than halfway.

Because we can't leave our sanctuary unattended, we rarely drive more than 2-3 hours unless three or more birds, hard to place birds, or a special needs bird is being adopted.

Traveling Donation

The adopting family must cover our gas/toll expenses and airfare, and be willing to make a Traveling Donation for our efforts. Like yours, our time is valuable and your donation directly benefits the sanctuary.

Suggested donation: $20.00 per hour for the entire roundtrip.


Sorry, we will not ship any of our rescues!























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