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Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary: Staff Bios

Kimberly Link:  President & Founder

Kim is the Founder and President of Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary.  

She is responsible for nearly all day-to-day sanctuary operations including animal care, pen maintenance, vet appointments, transportation, supply ordering, fundraising, rescuing, adoptions, website maintenance, newsletter composition, PR, bookkeeping, consulting and much, MUCH more!



Anthony Link:  Vice President

Tony is the Vice President of Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary--in addition to his full time job.

He is our technical advisor, carpenter, plumber, electrician; basicially, our all around handyman because most of what we do at Majestic, we do ourselves!

Tony is also responsible for turning ideas and designs into actual buildings, ponds and enclosures. When we dream it up, HE makes it happen!


Isabel Link :  Facility Maintenance 

Isabel was one of first true "hands-on helpers." She's been volunteering at our sanctuary since she was two years old and helped out with our first 4-duck rescue when she was only five!

In between writing songs and singing to our rescues (we love that!), she is responsible for daily diets, moving ducks and geese throughout our pens, disbursing medications and general pen upkeep.

It may sound easy, but it's a LOT of work!


Deb Peretti :  Majestic Board of Director

Deb Peretti began as one of our original sponsors, then she eased into adopting, volunteering, rescuing and stepped up to fill a vacancy in our Board of Directors in 2017.

We love Deb and are thrilled to have her "officially" on our team!

Deb has a flock of her own that includes Mr. Margaret, Treasure, Connie and Dora the Explorer!






Kayla Boughton: Majestic Volunteer Specializing in Animal Care & Pen Maintenance

Kayla is one of our Majestic volunteers and she is a HARD WORKER! She specializes in pen maintenance and animal care. You can find Kayla at our sanctuary most Saturday mornings.

Kayla is responsible for cleaning all of our duck and goose houses along with measuring and mixing feed, ensuring that every rescue at the sanctuary is on just the right diet.

Kayla also helps with other random tasks around the pens including inspecting leg bands and cutting/replacing them when needed.

Kayla's goals in the next year are learning medicinal requirements and administering medications along with helping us clean ponds and work on the interior of our new building: TinTin's Tubhouse!

Tony Phalstaf:  Foster Care

Tony is one half of our foster family. He is a big help to us when solo imprinted ducklings/goslings who have never been outside before arrive at our sanctuary. Little babies who have never been exposed to the big outdoors need to make this transition slowly in order to reduce any stress they might be experiencing.

Tony and his wife Lisa and their own ducks: Dean, Crowley and Marv, all teach little ones what it means to be a duck--including how to swim in pools and forage for yummy bugs and worms!

Ducklings and goslings are escorted outside into a safe and fenced in yard under direct human supervision at all times. In between these outdoor excursions, little webbed feet retreat back into the house for some good snuggling with the family.

Sometimes ducklings/goslings are adopted out during the fostering process; other times, they grow up and are brought back to Majestic as fully-adapted and well adjusted ducks and geese who are ready for sanctuary living. 


Lisa Phalstaf and Marv:  Foster Care & Education

Lisa is the other half of our foster family care team. She and Tony work closely together to foster ducklings and goslings for our sanctuary, helping to ensure that they get the best care possible.

Marv is one of our Majestic foster ducklings who came to us in an emaciated state. Lisa and Tony worked closely with us and with our vet to ensure all of his specialized dietary needs were met during his foster stay.

Today, Marv is a very happy and healthy duck who our foster family opted to adopt (we love that!)

Inspired to teach others that ducklings are not little toys, but beautiful living creatures with specialized needs, Lisa took the initiative of having Marv officially certified as a Therapy Animal! These days, she and Marv travel and teach both children and adults just how much attention, care and work goes into successfully having pet ducks in your life.



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