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Listed below are supply and maintenance items we currently need. If you would like to donate any of the items below, please contact us.

Avi-Culture Probiotics
Probiotics protect the intestinal flora of our rescued ducks and geese on vet-prescribed antibiotic regimes. They are also helpful during times of stress & times of molt. Visit Avi-Culture  for more information or click on their above banner.

Living Feast
Formally labeled Manna Feast, "Living Feast" is the most powerful, nutrient dense nutritional product on the market today (and is actually intended for people). Each serving contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidant compounds, amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, fiber, probiotics & phytonnutrients. We use this in combination with other ingredients whenever sick birds require syringe feedings. Visit and reference referral #20028 to order.
Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance Food
A. S. Labieniec (feed store) Contact: Carleen 860-828-3633
Please have credit card ready.
Fresh, Clean Hay
Free of mold, thorns, poison ivy, etc.
Leaf Lettuce, Fresh or Bagged
Needed daily from October - March
DuraFlex Rubber Feed Dishes
2 Quart Size
DuraFlex Rubber Water Buckets
8 Quart Size
Heated Water Buckets
9 Quart/2.25 Gallon Size ONLY please. Click Here to order.
No-Spill Water Dishes
For transporting rescued birds
Portable/Lightweight Digital Veterinary Scale
Weight capacity 44 lbs. Visit for details.
Garden Hose Nozzles
With adjustable spray settings
Non-Collapsible Hose
length: 25' or 50'
Disposable Latex Gloves (non-powder)
Home Depot Gift Cards
  Purell Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 
Visit Gempler's  for details (Item# 144613)..
  Purell Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Refills
Visit Gempler's for details (Item# 212012).
  Long Handled Perforated Shovel 
Visit Gempler's for details (Item# 151076).
  Long Handled Sawtooth Shovel 
Visit Gempler's for details (Item# 2929).
Strongid Paste
For de-worming newly rescued birds. 20ml syringes ONLY.
Quickrete Concrete Mix
Pressure Treated Lumber
Portable PlayPens
Animal Bath, PetLift, Indoor-Outdoor, 58" Long 58" Stainless Steel Animal Bath
Winter hydrotherapy station for our lame ducks. Visit VetMed Direct to order. Please contact us before donating.
Pet Carriers (new or cleaned & disinfected / cat-sized or larger)
  Shatterproof (acrylic) mirrors
Duck & Goose Enrichment Activity
Postage Stamps
Any quantity is needed and welcome. Just mail what you can to us and we can use them.
Underground Predator Barrier Fencing        
Black vinyl PVC coated, 19 gauge 1/2" x 1/2" wire mesh, 36" x 100' (Item# WW151910036BK).

Visit Academy Fencing to order. Please contact us before donating.

Perimeter Fencing
Black, vinyl PVC coated, 16 gauge, 1/2" x 1/2" mesh, 48" X 100' (Item# WW15165048BK).

Visit Academy Fencing to order. Please contact us before donating.

Pampas Grass
Water Iris
Bamboo   CT climate / zone 6a (-10 to -5 F)
Patio Misting Filter
These filters attach to our sanctuary's misting system to prevent nozzle blockage and keep the flock cool in summer. Visit to order.
Patio Misting Nozzles
Replacement nozzles for our sanctuary's misting system. 10 pack / metal nozzles. Visit to order.
Mig Welding Machine
For building new pens!
115 Volt, 22-135 Amp Welder
Handles mild steel, aluminum & stainless steel
Outdoor Electrical Wire
SoftFloor Interlocking Tiles (Item #FM28 / Color: green)
For our quarantine pen. Click here to order.
Virkon S
Broad spectrum disinfectant.
Poultry Dust
For de-lousing newly rescued birds.
Duck Costume
For sneaking up on ducks? NO! This costume will enable Majestic to participate in public awareness functions and parades. Of course, this Duck will need a crown!


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