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Issue 107 November 2013

In This Issue:

  Oxalic Acid & Calcium
  Crackers' Peritonitis Surgery
  Ducks Too!
  Outside Farewells...
  The Month in Photos!
  Majestic Adoption!
  New Duck House Roofs
  Louise's Country Closet
  Lil Ms. Bee's ChapStick
  Majestic Sponsorship

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Outside Farewells...

Tommy Knocker, Tommy Knocker, knocking over your food dish! Thank you to his rescuers and his adopting Momma who gave him the gift of a long and very happy life. We will always remember you, big boy...

Laci... Mourned by our friends at Feathered Angels and so many others. Fly to heaven, little angel, and walk strong on a healed leg...

The Month in Photos!

Bee--in the tub--FINALLY!

Here we go Rilo, here we go!

Shorty & Demi in the leaves!

Majestic Adoption!

Jocamo "Joc-Joc"... At last going to meet your dream girl in a your new dream home... XXOO

New Duck House Roofs

We'd like to thank DAD for building new roofs for all of our donated duck houses!

While we were initially pleased with our duck house purchase, the roofs turned out to be hollow and quickly rotted away inside and around the hinges. Calls to the duck house manufacturer proved unproductive, so we finally decided to just take care of business ourselves.

Each roof was removed and then rebuilt with sturdier materials and under a new design that promotes much improved roll-off of rain water.

Louise's Country Closet

Louise's Country Closet sells protective saddles, duck diapers and booties (among other goodies) for your pet ducks!

Their size Large Chicken Saddles fit nicely on Pekin ducks and work best with the "snap" option because their wings tend to be longer than those of chickens.

They are currently donating $1.00 to Majestic for every ducky item purchased on their Majestic Fundraising Page.

Thank you, Mandie!

Lil Ms. Bee's Chapstick

As many of your know, Lil Ms. Bee has been under vet care for her broken wing. Eight weeks ago her boyfriend Marvin accidentally injured her while expressing his everlasting love (and he's really very sorry about it!). Her ulna was broken in two places while her narrow radius had a more serious fracture that resulted in the misalignment of the bone.

Because Bee could not immerse her external hardware in water for eight weeks, there was absolutely no swimming allowed. We were careful to keep her water bowl shallowly filled to prevent emersion, refreshing it frequently to keep it clean. As an additional help we used a spray bottle to mist her feathers with water and encourage proper preening.

Since then, the two breaks in Bee's ulna have completely healed and her pin apparatus was removed, but her radius did not mend and  required follow-up surgery. In this operation a long pin was placed down the center of her radius, realigning the two halves, so they can properly mend over the course of the next eight weeks.

Now that Bee only has only one pin going in through her wing and into her bone, we wanted her to be able to swim again. To accomplish this we waited for her surgical wounds to fully heal and then our vet painted liquid bandage around the base of her radius pin where it comes out of her skin. This sealant helps prevent water from getting in around the pin, thus avoiding the risk of infection and we can reapply it ourselves at home.

In addition, our vet advised us to put a little non-medicated ChapStick around the base of the pin 2-3 times a day as needed to provide an additional moisture barrier.

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