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Issue 135 March

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Outside Farewells...

Sonora... How blessed you are to have a family who loves and misses you so...

Majestic Photos!

Snow? Oh no!

Miracle resting...

Mercy-Lulu & Zelly in the sun

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Pelotherapy: Healing Clays

There are many colors and types of healing clays and each contain different trace elements and minerals depending on where they are found in the earth. Because of this, different clays have various ionic bonds that possess both positive and negative charges, which may give them additional therapeutic qualities.

Illite is a non-swelling (non-absorbant) green healing clay that is sometimes used for bone and muscle trauma, certain skin conditions, swelling, arthritis and other joint issues. For this reason, it's at the top of our list of intrigue.

While we haven't tried Pelotherapy at our sanctuary yet, it is something we're currently researching. We're hoping it might turn out to be an asset to those ducks and geese with lower leg joint ailments.

While there aren't a lot of studies out there to turn to for hard evidence (some are underway now), a few research articles discuss mud pack therapy on humans with arthritic knees. The results of these studies have shown signficant improvement when it came to functionality and decreased pain, but the problem with these sources is they don't reveal details about the clay type, frequency of use or length of application.

This research is also vague when it comes to clay mixtures. Clay is often purchased as a powder, which is then combined with other ingredients. While saline appears to be the most common choice in the medical field, others appear to be stirring in various amounts and combinations of tap water, distilled water, apple cidar vinegar and even lemon juice.


Affordable & Non-invasive.


Working with clay can be messy.

Keeping clay packs in place on a duck or goose? Tricky...

Not for use on feathered areas, or it can interfere with waterproof effectiveness.

Ducks and geese love mud, which poses a real risk of ingestion. This may not be safe depending on what type of clay you're utilizing, so be extremely careful. Make sure you select a clay that is safe for internal use.

Some healing clays will absorb heavy metals, toxins, impurities and chemicals. Be extremely careful when choosing your mixing and storage containers, or you could pass these harmful substances along to your duck or goose.

Internal Uses:

Did you think healing clays were only for the outside? Some specialized clays can be called upon for internal care with issues like:

Chelation of heavy metals, removal of ingested toxins (organic & inorganic), addressing bacterial poisoning, detoxifying the liver, stimulating liver function, improving immune system function and promoting bacterial balance of the intestines.

Again, this is an area without much scientific research; much less, doses for waterfowl, so be extremely careful and work closely with a qualified veterinarian before administering. And, of course, ONLY serve your duck or goose clay that is specifically designed and labeled for internal use.


Healing clays should NOT be taken internally if your duck or goose is currently on any presciption or herbal remedies.

Healing clays can temporarily cause a small spike in blood pressure even when used externally, so be sure to check with your vet first.

Avoid using healing clays in any application if your pet has an iron intolerance.

Clays vary greatly. Not all are ideal in every situation--and some can be very dangerous if ingested.


As with any therapy, you should always consult with your certified and experienced waterfowl vet before beginning any treatment regime.


For more information Click Here: Eyton's Earth

For purchasing information Click Here: GreenClays

Special thanks to Lloyd & Pepe for sharing your information and experiences with us!

LED Fundraiser

We want to thank everyone who pitched in to help us purchase our sanctuary's very own Tendlite! We are looking forward to providing daily treatments to Mercy-Lulu, Zelda and Rilo!


Tracks In The Snow

While we're no fans of the snow, it provides us with some helpful insight regarding our local predators--especially the shy and stealthy ones who are very good at staying hidden.

Examining footprints in the snow around your pens can give you a really good idea of who's been wandering through your yard lately. Just remember that the behavior, activity levels and types of predators coming in proximity to your waterfowl pens tend to vary seasonally.

Also keep in mind that not all predators visit regularly. In fact, some unwanted guests will only pass through on rare occasions. Just because you have never witnessed a particular type of predator in your area before doesn't mean they're not around, or won't eventually sneak through.

Having a good book on hand that illustrates predator tracks is an excellent way of examining footprints and determining exactly who left them behind.

Lone Pine publishing has dozens of Animal Tracks Field Guides for a variety of regions and states (most illustrated by Ian Sheldon). To learn more, Click Here: Animal Tracks

Special thanks to Raj's family for inviting us over to examine all of the footy prints in their backyard. It was a good reminder of just how many furry guests visit even the most populated areas.


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