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Issue 45:  September 2008

In This Issue:

  Remembering Elijah
  Special Thanks
  Letting Go of Daisy May
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  Other Sad Farewells...
  The Month in Photos!
  Majestic Newcomers
  Majestic Adoptions
  Recommended Reading

To Make a Donation in Memory of Elijah & Daisy May, please click here:  

Elijah & Daisy May Memorial

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Other Sad Farewells...

August was also an extremely difficult month for other loving families. Majestic extends our deepest condolences to Joni Lessel for the loss of Sweet Sunny Hen, who died in her arms Sunday morning August 24, 2008. There will never be another like her. Her body gave out, but her spirit never will. She was dearly loved and will be sorely missed.

We have been asked to set up a Memorial Fund in her name. Anyone wishing to make a donation in Sweet Sunny Hen's honor may do so by clicking here:

 Memorial:  Sweet Sunny Hen

The Month in Photos!

Lemon meets Isabel's toes

Visiting Tutter & Angelo!

Visiting Bindy and TEN?!

Miri & Deirdre healing together...

Must everything look like a duck?!

Majestic Newcomers

Mademoiselle Fifi


Majestic Adoptions

Wishing Mademoiselle Fifi well as she joins Angelo & Tutter, Bindy & Tova in her new home. It was truly meant to be!

If you are a loving family and have a predator proof pen, please consider adopting!  Click here to fill out  our online adoption application.

If you canít adopt, please consider sponsoring by visiting our sponsor page.

Recommended Reading*

Lemon The Duck

Product Description

We have featured Lemon in prior newsletters and now her Mom has written a book about her beloved girl!

This gorgeous picture book is based on the inspirational true story of Lemon the Pekin Duck, who was born in an elementary school classroom. Neurological issues make Lemon unable to walk, but with the support of a compassionate teacher and her students, Lemon is still able to become one happy duck.

Through caring for Lemon, the students share in her victories and learn that acceptance, love, and extra special care can go a long way. They also come to understand that her difference does not make Lemon any less special.

Click here to order from Amazon, or click here to order directly from the publisher, Lobster Press. Click here to learn more about Lemon.

* For our full recommended reading list, click here. If you order from Amazon by way of our website, Majestic receives a portion of the proceeds!

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Our Newsletter

The Majestic Monthly is published 12 times per year. Previous issues are available in our Archives.

Remembering Elijah...

Final hours with Elijah (foreground),
Aladdin (background), Jasmine, Jezebel, Daisy May & Deirdre (behind fence)

Saying good-bye to any of our ducks is difficult enough, but saying farewell to Elijah so soon after letting go of Glory made departing that much more difficult.

Elijah was one of our first rescued ducks joining us in the Fall of 2004. We began Majestic upon discovering him and nearly a dozen other ducks abandoned, hungry and injured at Spaulding Pond in Norwich CT. Prior to the rescue, we would show up to feed the former pet ducks, and Elijah was one of those who hugged us in gratitude from the water before ever coming into our sanctuary.

Elijah's leg joints suffered permanent damage from traversing on the pond's rocky and jagged shores, and he came to us with a pretty severe limp. Elijah was apt to plop down and rest quietly in a cozy spot.  We were thrilled when we found him a beautiful new home, willing to take his special needs in stride. Elijah joined Lucy the duck in his new home and enjoyed marital bliss for many months before a raccoon broke into their night house. Elijah's family spared no effort or expense in getting him the best vet care possible and bringing him back to our sanctuary to ensure his full recovery.

Elijah rides in the Pet Rock parade, Sept. 2005

It was then that we permanently retired Elijah to our sanctuary. He fell in love with Jezebel--another of our retired rescues. The pair have been in separable for years. Elijah grew strong while in our care, and we sometimes called him "Squints" in honor of the battle scar near his left eye that always made him look like he was happily smiling.

Elijah enjoys a little time with his true love Jezebel...

Elijah was the only drake we have ever had in our sanctuary who could handle being penned with other boys without any fighting. He was big enough to be in charge, but kind enough to just want to be friends. Through the years Elijah befriended Jake The Drake, Joven and most recently his good pal Aladdin.

     Jake The Drake & Elijah June 2005                Elijah & Joven November 2005


      Elijah & Aladdin August 2008                 "Look, Momma, I'm an airplane!"

Elijah's legs began to go down hill in January. His leg joints began to swell and vet visits were lined up to do all we could to keep him walking. Elijah was always one to plop down and just take it easy--not big on pushing himself too hard. To keep him exercising, he was the only drake allowed on the pond with the hens all day. The girls could outrun him on land, but he could out swim them in the water, so it was fair for everyone.

Elijah was a gentle duck, prone to giving us hugs even after having to take his medicine. He was apt to be found laying in the grassy pens, soaking up the sun, or resting under his favorite shady tree. He was a very content duck.

In the end Elijah's toe joints began to swell uncontrollably as his advanced arthritis began to spread downward. His knee joints continued to swell, locking up his leg joints. What was once a slight nuisance for him quickly became a source of labor and discomfort. He could no longer get in and out of the pond and despite medications and the best possible vet care, infection crept into his arthritic joints and then into his body. Despite all our efforts, it would not let go.

Elijah was euthanized on August 15th 2008 in order to prevent him from experiencing any further pain and suffering. After four years in our care and in our hearts, it was one of the most devastating things we have ever had to do. We let him go while cupping his head in our hands and whispering promises in his ear. He was not alone. He was never alone.

If ever there was a King here at Majestic, Elijah was that King. He will always be the source of our inspiration. One of the first ducks we ever welcomed into our sanctuary and one we had hoped would have stayed with us many more years to come. His ashes have returned to the sanctuary for forever keeping.

We would like to thank all of Elijah's generous and devoted sponsors who helped us care for him and his flock through the four years of his stay.

Special thanks to Mary Gentry, Joyce Mays, Judith Vandegrift and Gini Sikes for all you have done to make Elijah's stay here so wonderful.


Special Thanks

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Laura for bringing Lemon by for a visit! We enjoyed meeting you both!

Thank you also to Sue & family for inviting us out to visit Angelo, Tutter, Tova, Bindy, TEN ducklings and all your other magnificent and beautiful animals! And thank you for letting me lay a big, giant smooch on dear  Tutter-Tut! It was exactly what my heart needed...

And thank you to my dear friends: Glynis, Mary, Jenn & Elaine for all of the emails and phone calls of support these past few weeks. Our ducks & geese were so thoughtful and wise to introduce us to each other.

Letting Go of Daisy May...

August was without a doubt the most difficult month since our inception. We had to let go of Glory on the 4th and then eleven days later, we had to say good-bye to Elijah. We were completely caught off guard when only six days later, we unexpectedly lost little Daisy May. Within hours of her lethargic symptoms Daisy May died in our arms from peritonitis stemming from ovarian cancer. Daisy May's ashes have been returned to the sanctuary where she will be laid to rest with our other spirited flock members.

My Dear Elaine, thank you so much for allowing your feathered friends to come to us when you were unable to care for them anymore. Their presence, especially Daisy May's has meant the world to us. We only wish she could have stayed with us longer. She was a beautiful and loving little duck who made many friends.

Daisy May in her former home with Donald.
May you both waddle down lover's lane together again...

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