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Adoption FAQ

Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary: Online Adoption Application



Adoption fee: $35.00 per duck or goose (Payable on adoption day upon signing our Adoption Contract).

Digital Photos are Required: We need to receive digital photographs from you BEFORE we can begin the adoption review process. Detailed requirements can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of this form, which you should do before proceeding with this application. If you do NOT have your digital photos ready at this time, please hold off on submitting this form until you do.

Note: If you are a Long-Distance Adopter and you are hoping we will share part of the drive with you, we will also require a Traveling Donation. Click Here and read item #4 for further details.

Fill in all fields then click "Submit Application." We will review your application and respond within 1-3 days.

Your Name:
Telephone: (Required) 
Time Zone: ET PT CT MT
If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, you either gave us an invalid email address or your spam block is on, in which case our response is probably in your "Junk Email" bin.
Confirm Age: I am 18 years of age or over   
*All adopters must be 18 years or older.

I am applying to adopt the following duck/goose:

View Profiles of Ducks and Geese available for adoption

I plan to:

Drive to Majestic (Lebanon, CT) and pick up the duck or goose in person
I will need some assistance with part of the drive because I live more than 6 hours away. (Click Here BEFORE selecting this option.) 

Why do you want to adopt this duck or goose? (Check all that apply):

Family Pet
Mate or Companion for other duck(s) or goose/geese
Addition to Flock
Breeding purposes
Other:  (Please explain)

Where do you intend to keep the duck or goose you adopt? (Check all that apply):

At my residence
Other: (Please say where)

Who owns the property where the duck or goose will be kept? (Check all that apply):

Other Family Member
Other:   (Please say who)

Type of Property: (Check all that apply):

Farm or Ranch
Other:  (Please describe)

# of adults living at property where duck/goose will be kept:
# of children (under 18) living at property where duck/goose will be kept:

Are any of the adults or children referenced above allergic to birds? Yes  No
If yes, please list who: 

Who will be the person(s) responsible for the feeding and care of the duck or goose? (Check all that apply):

Other Family Member
Other:  (Please say who)

Will the duck/goose have access to bathing water on a daily basis?  Yes   No

If yes, please specify (Check all that apply):

Natural Pond or Lake
Man-Made Pond
Kiddie Pool
Bathtub in House
Other: (Please describe)

Will the duck/goose be housed with other animals? Yes  No

If yes, which kind?  (Check all that apply):

Other: (Please describe)

What will you feed the duck/goose? (Check all that apply):

Mazuri Waterfowl Starter
Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance
Mazuri Waterfowl Breeder
Blue Seal OrganicLife Starter OR Homefresh Unmedicated Grower-Cal Mash
Blue Seal OrganicLife Grower OR Homefresh Grower-Cal Pellets
Blue Seal OrganicLife Layer OR Homefresh Layer Pellets
Nutrena NatureWise Chick Starter Grower
Nutrena NatureWise All Flock
Nutrena NatureWise Layer Feed
Purina Flock Raiser Sunfresh Recipe
Purina Layena Sunfresh Recipe
Brand Name Chicken Scratch
Cracked Corn
Oyster Shells / Calcium Chips
Chopped, hard boiled eggs (with shells)
Other: (Please say what)

Will the duck/goose have fresh drinking water 24 hrs/day? Yes   No

Do you have veterinarian that can treat waterfowl?  Yes   No
If yes, name of veterinarian: 
Telephone number of waterfowl veterinarian:
May we contact this vet?  Yes   No

Please describe the type of enclosure you will provide during the daytime
(Check all that apply):

Free Range: No Fence 
Free Range: Partially Fenced
Free Range: Stone Walls
Fenced in Lawn
4-Sided Duck Pen/Structure
Top Fencing / Aviary Netting
Bottom Barrier (buried fencing or foundation)
Digging Predator Barriers (underground fence surrounding the perimeter fence)
Inside House
Other: (Please describe)

Will the duck/goose have access to daytime shelter? Yes   No

If they have a pen, will it be locked or latched? Locked  Latched

Please describe the type of fencing on the daytime enclosure (Check all that apply):

Privacy Fencing (no spaces between boards)
Decorative Fencing (open spaces between boards)
Chain Link Fencing
Galvanized Wire Fencing (including PVC coated)
Poultry Wire / Hex Wire
Welded Wire Mesh
Electric Fencing
Barbed Wire
Other: (Please describe)

If wire fencing, please indicate the weave size of your fencing by indicating the Length x Width of the largest openings in the wire (i.e. the measurement of the squares, rectangles, hexes, etc.):

inches   by   inches

If decorative fencing, please indicate the amount of spacing between boards:


Please indicate the height of your fencing at its lowest point:


Please describe the type of shelter you will provide during the nighttime
(Check all that apply):

Inside House or Garage
Duck or Goose House
Other: (Please describe)

Will the nighttime enclosure be locked or latched? Locked   Latched

Please indicate the dimensions of your nighttime housing:

feet   by   feet   by   feet

Does the nighttime housing have flooring: Yes  No

Is the nighttime housing located within a fenced in area: Yes   No

Tell us more about you!

Please use the comments field below to tell us anything else we should know about you and your home. What will adopted life be like with you and your family? Can you describe your daily waterfowl routine? This is your chance to let us know!

Would you like to tell us about any current pet ducks/geese you have already, or have had experience with in the past? Or are you a newbie when it comes to waterfowl, which is fine too! 


We will need to see digital photographs BEFORE we can begin the adoption review process. If you do not have digital photos ready to email immediately after submitting this form, please do not submit this form until you do.

Please be sure your photos are In Focus, Clear and Bright!

When sending us your photos, please input the same full name you listed on your adoption application as the Title of your email. This will enable us to easily match your photos with your Adoption Application.

After submitting this Adoption Application to us, immediately Email us (directorATmajesticwaterfowl.org) your photos using the below list as your guide. Please send photos of any/all of the below that apply to your particular situation:

1)  Predator-Proof Pen:  Stand in the center of your pen and take photos in each direction as you turn, so we can see a full 360 view.

2)  Aviary Netting:  If you have aviary fencing over your pen (which is required for ducks and preferred for geese), please stand outside of your pen and take a side photo of the area, so we can see it.

3)  Close up Fencing:  Take a nice, close-up photo of your fencing. If you have utilized more than one kind in different areas of your pen, or different layering techniques in different areas, please send a photo of each.

4)  Doors & Gates:  Take photos of any pen gates, barn doors (etc). We need to see the complete circumference around all doors to make sure they fit snug within their frames/ fencing.

5)  Night House:  Take photos that show us the inside and outside of their night house, shed, barn, etc.

6)   Friends:  Take a photo of any other pets (we're assuming birds) who will be sharing space with your adopted waterfowl. Group photos are fine!

7)  Optional Extras:  Anything else you want us to see? Feel free to send those along too! 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND... Do to the large number of adoption applications that come through to us without accompanying photos, you will NOT hear back from us until we receive BOTH this online Adoption Applicatoin AND your digital photos.

QUESTION:  Will you be Emailing us your Digital Photos right after submitting this online application? Please type YES or NO in the comment field below. If you have any questions about the above photo requirements you can ask those here as well:


I certify that the information given is true and correct and I recognize that any misrepresentation of facts will result in my losing the privilege of adopting a duck or goose. I also give my veterinarian permission to release any vet care records and information about my current and past pets to the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary. I understand that this application is the property of the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary and that the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary has the right to deny my request to adopt.

Please be sure to read our Adoption Contract before Submitting.

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