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Blue Swede/East Indie mix


Est hatch Spring '17

Available for Adoption!

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Uni was abandoned in July of 2018 on a pond where he began hanging around with a flock of Mallard ducks. Upon arriving at our sanctuary, this little guy immediately asserted himself as the little leader of the pen, despite his compact size.

We're not exactly sure about Uni's heritage. He has the coloration of a Blue Swedish duck and is the size of an East Indie (bantam) duck, so we're guessing his mixture falls somewhere between or around these genetic lines.

Uni is currently buddied up with Bruno, who is a much larger Rouen duck, which gives you an idea how small Uni is in comparison. Uni is the size of a little bantam duck.

Uni can fly and must be kept in a full aviary pen. Wing clipping is also advisable.


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